Thursday, December 09, 2004

Open government si, Tricky Dick Cheney no

"Open government" sites on the World Wide Web provide a wide variety of information.

    For example, on the Internet pages of George Washington University's National Security Archive you can read Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) manuals from the 1960s and the 1980s specifying approved methods of prisoner abuse as well as one of the last major pieces of the puzzle explaining U.S. and UK roles in the August 1953 coup against Iranian Premier Mohammad Mossadeq. The [Federation of American Scientists] government secrecy project recently provided a sampling of other Internet sources. A few examples:

* which says it provides "bottomless resources on all aspects of national security policy, and then some;"

* The Resource Shelf offers news on all aspects of government information policy and links to valuable source documents;

* The Memory Hole collects and publishes elusive records and documents that have been withdrawn from the public domain;

* Cryptome promises a rich collection of new official and unofficial documents on security policy;

* Project on Government Oversight performs independent investigations to promote openness and government accountability;

* Electronic Privacy Information Center offers declassified documents and insights on cryptography policy and privacy; and

* Nautilus Institute's Global Disclosure Project specializes in nuclear weapons policy and strategy.

    Some "open government" websites are maintained by individuals, usually associated with universities. For example, the Guide to Declassified Documents and Archival Materials for U.S. Foreign Policy and World Politics, a road map to declassified foreign policy records, is the work of David N Gibbs of the University of Arizona. provides resources on national and foreign freedom of information law from Alasdair Roberts of the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University...

(If you value this kind of info, bite the bullet and make a contribution).


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