Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Don't it make those red malls blue

Ron Brownstein and Richard Rainey (Los Angeles Times) cause Bull Moose to suggest that "the donkey spend more time in mega-malls."

"The donkey must appeal again to voters who are seeking upward mobility. As Brownstein and Rainey point out,

"'These are places defined more by aspiration than accumulation, filled more with families starting out than with those that have already reached their earnings peak.'

"The exurbs are not filled with 30-something Tom Joads or Joe Hills who are itching for a fight with the foreman. If they are fighting something, they are fighting for a parking place at the mega-shopping mall.

"'The People vs. the Powerful' will not resonate in these edge communities. Democrats must be seen as the party of growth, responsibility and prosperity again if they are going to compete in the places where America is moving."

Yes, there is a DLC connection here. But let me repeat my mantra: now is the time for all good pinkos to kiss up to moderates.


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