Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Why do they PITY us?

America hater? Not here. An excerpt:

"...this America that incarnates the absolute opposite of the Soviet Union is on the point of producing the same catastrophe by the opposite route. Communism, in its madness, supposed that society was everything and that the individual was nothing, an ideological basis that caused its own ruin. Today, the United States assures us, with a blind faith as intense as Stalin's, that the individual is everything, that the market is enough and that the state is hateful. The intensity of the ideological fixation is altogether comparable to the Communist delirium. This individualist and inequalitarian posture disorganizes American capacity for action....It's all of American society that seems to be launched into a scorpion policy, a sick system that ends up injecting itself with its own venom. Such behavior is not rational...."

Humor after tragedy

What? Dave Barry, not Al Franken? What kind of Pinko am I? (Registration required).

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Bad Katrina!

Megabloggers are trying their best to help! Subliminal message: getoutyourcheckbookgetoutyourcheckbookgetoutyourcheckbook...by checkbook, of course I mean credit card...The American Red Cross seems to be doing a good job this time.
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